Sunday, October 17, 2010

Silver Lotus Express #10... yes, sorry. It got cut in the middle!...

Sadly, I had too much information for the Silver Lotus Express, episode #10. 

At the same time earlier here at night, I was quickly beyond capacity, lacked in time and had to drive my daughter to the bus, because she was going to her elder sister who lives in another town here in Sweden, about 4-5 hour bus drive. My daughter just couldn't miss this bus!! I had about 20 minutes, before it should leave the station...

I went there and back as a jo-jo! You know, I even was merely driving on a empty tank also, had no time to get gas, so I just wroomed to the bus station and back home, as fast I was able to... so stressed. But I maid it. 

So... I usually listen through the show before I upload it, but today I had no time for that. There just was no time left over, when I got back. So, again, I am sorry the show got cut in the middle. Sometimes that just happens... There's nothing I can do about it.

Mia Hienovirta - Nasty™

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