Monday, October 11, 2010

The Perplexed Knowledge about Crashes...

So, the show went through this Tuesday evening, but not without difficulties. No, Nasty's computer decided to crash and reboot (or was it BlogTalkRadio fault it crashed?)... All went black. Nasty hurried to reboot (as fast as her computer was able to anyway!...) and got back online with Skype and in the chat room, before the second song ended. So, maybe it was ment to run this show in full, in any way whatsoever?... Might the goddesses be with her some where, anyway, somehow?...

Now to the writing tasks that Nasty had in store for you, for this week.
Nasty thought she should make it as "one descriptive writing task" at first, but then she changed her mind... Are you ready? You're going to get 10 different writing tasks to choose from, so for you, it's just about to pick the right number out of ten, that suits you the best for the upcoming week, and start writing. No worries, they are very easy and the point is, that you should use your imagination for this. Get your pen and paper set now, because, here the 10 different task comes;
  1. Write for at least 3 minutes about a beggar, a lightning bolt, and a journal. Focus on one character's internal monologue.
  2. Write for at least 10 minutes about a shop, and a musical instrument.
  3. Write for at least 500 words about a recovery, a scoundrel, and a drinking glass. Focus on one character's internal monologue.
  4. Write for at least 300 words about a weapon, and a foyer.
  5. Write for at least 600 words about a fall, a musician, and a drink.
  6. Write for at least 700 words about a box of chocolates, and a cave. Focus on writing from a different perspective than your usual one.
  7. Write for at least 700 words about a purse, a clerk, and a charm.
  8. Write for at least 10 minutes about a duel, a lock, and a predator.
  9. Write for at least 3 minutes about a farmer, and a song.
  10. Write for at least 600 words - about a legal problem, a prison, and a curtain.

There you go, just pick a number and start writing in your blog. Wasn't that easy as hell?

Here you have another startup help from Nasty. She will provide you with 10 different headlines, for your blogposts. You can pick any one of them, that fits you, your mood and your story. Here goes...
  1. You mother of a bulbous rat-headed anaconda!
  2. Bite me with your unholy broom! I can't wait!
  3. The twenty-four letters of the Greek alphabet...
  4. It's all thanks to someone giving a test...
  5. About things man was not meant to know.
  6. The Mad Wolf Saloon.
  7. Cat's Unthinkable Belly.
  8. Drunk Horse of the Academic Comparative Studies.
  9. The Grand Transfiguration of the Groupies.
  10. The wanderer who is cursed with bad luck.

Next Show Silver Lotus Express is scheduled to Monday 18th Oktober, 2010 at 6:00-7:00pm EST.

We really wish to see you in the chat room next week. Make an FREE account on BlogTalkRadio and get in there. Live Shows are more fun than archived once! That's for sure!

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